Harp Lessons

Since moving to Seattle nearly 15 years ago, I have taught privately at my home studio, at Holy Names Academy, the Vashon Island Harp Camp and Music Works NW in Bellevue.

Currently, I teach on Mondays from my home studio in Seattle (Wallingford). I teach beginners through intermediate harp students on lever and pedal harp. My musical style comes from folk, classical, songwriting, theory, ensemble work, improvisation and pop using a Salzedo-influenced method. 

I started out playing piano at age four, briefly took up clarinet, and then began studying harp at age 14. That was 25 years ago.

I earned a BA from the University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire where I studied with Frances Miller, principal harpist of the Minnesota Orchestra. I have had master classes with Ruttiger Opperman, Park Stickney, Laurie Riley and others. 

I enjoy and play a wide range of music: folk, Celtic, new music, chamber, improvisational, avant guard, jazz, rock, singer/songwriter, new age, and various ethnic. I have worked with established local and national musicians/composers Butch Morris, Evan Flory-Barnes, Jherek Bischoff, Samantha Boshnack, Secret Chiefs 3, Hannah Benn, Ahamefule Oluo, Jesse Sykes, Jim Knapp, Eyvand Kang, Hey Marsailles and Kanye West; and have played with Puget Sound Symphony Orchestra, Seattle Rock Orchestra, Degenerate Art Orchestra, New Seattle Brass Ensemble and others. I am a songwriter, a singer, a side musician and a leader of my own group, The Daphnes.

I see myself as a musician who happens to play the harp, not being a harpist exclusively. It is from that approach that I tap into the great mystery that is music. I believe teachers can learn from students just as much as students learn from the teacher. I welcome students of all backgrounds.


from students

"My daughter learned harp from Monica till we moved away from Seattle. She is a gentle, patient, relaxed teacher and deeply appreciate how she instilled a love of music in my daughter. As a former teacher myself, I am picky about teachers. I recommend Monica to anyone who is looking for a harp teacher."
- mother of a student 

a letter:
"Hi Monica, I just wanted to say thank you for all of your good work with J___ this year. She found our old Irish tin whistle the other day and looked up the hand positions for different notes and then composed a little tune, so I think the time with music is well spent."
- mother of a student

from his CD Magick, John Zorn writes:

"There is a deeper, more intuitive understanding. The understanding that Mysteries, to remain Mysteries, must remain Mysteries, and are not meant to be understood. The Mystery gives birth to the Search, and the Search is life. Music is one of the great Mysteries. It gives life. It is not a career, not a business, nor a craft. It is a gift... and a great responsibility. Because one can never know where the creative spark comes from or why it exists, it must be treasured as Mystery." 

Instructors I Recommend

Peter Williams, Cello Lessons, Seattle