This is the blog of harpist and poet Monica Schley. She lives in the Emerald City with her husband, designer and illustrator,  Stephen Schildbach

Monica’s poetry has appeared in Burnside Review, Cranky, The Cream City Review, Seattle’s Poetry on the Buses and KNOCK, among other literary journals. Her poetry chapbook “Black Eden: Nocturnes” (Pudding House Press) was published in 2010.

As a musician, she is primarily a harpist. Monica has also studied piano, voice, clarinet, pipe organ, and composition. Classically trained, she has worked with jazz luminaries, pop stars and indie rockers. Monica sings and composes for her band The Daphnes and she’s also a Certified Clinical Musician. 

EMAIL: harppoet (at) gmail.com
WEBSITE: www.monicaschley.com
SOUNDCLOUD: http://soundcloud.com/harppoet
TWITTER: MonicaSchley

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