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Autumn is upon us! This summer was HOT and BUSY. Now, I’m taking time to SLOW DOWN and enjoy some of the work I did over the last few months.

For a review of this past spring/summer, I playing something like:
– 15 wedding ceremonies
– 7 public concerts
– 3 corporate parties
– 1 poetry reading
– 65 harp therapy sessions!
– Who knows how many hours in the recording studio working on The Daphnes album?

Speaking of which: THE DAPHNES ALBUM: BRAIDS OF KABUYA is currently being mixed and mastered!!!! I am SO VERY EXCITED to get this music into the ears of the people. We finished up recording this summer, and since WE are doing most of this work on a small budget (aka ourselves) … things move slowly… ALSO, I am 36weeks pregnant!!!

Current practice is that of humility. I thought I could pump out TWO BABIES this year: one album; one human. Between playing many shows and growing a person, my body has set some limitations… and here we are: mid-production. I feel more comfortable with no deadlines at the moment, but I will keep you posted… and as ever… I AM GRATEFUL FOR YOUR INTEREST AND SUPPORT!

Baby is due mid-October. Now, I am wrapping up all work and will be taking a maternity leave from Oct 1 – until December(ish). I may take a few last-minute holiday gigs… Feel free to ask me after Thanksgiving.

Lastly, I wanted to share some “freshie” songs with you:

These were recorded live by Haley Freelund at Couth Buzzard on July 28 (2017) for the posthumous book release event of my mentor and friend, Crysta Casey. She was a painter and poet – this particular HOT NIGHT brought together a LOVELY COMMUNITY. Disclaimer: You can hear fans running… it was sweltering! The ambient sounds will take you back to the heat of July/August.


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