New Year, New Baby


Quietly working behind the scenes again, I have been spending time with my new baby boy, Dorian Max, who was born on October 29th. He has been a joy, but naturally, being with a newborn leaves mama utterly sleep deprived. My sleep is the wonkiest it has ever been, usually not getting in more winks than 3 hours at a time. Boo Hoo! Oh poor, poor Monica.

I am pleased to say that after a few months on maternity leave, I am returning to the world of teaching harp lessons, performing and harp therapy gigs at a part-time basis. I’m also booking weddings for 2018. If you get in touch with me, please know: Baby guy is my boss for the time being.  I WILL get back to you, but it just may not be right away.

Back in December, at a mere 5 weeks old, he did let me have a show with The Daphnes at Dusty Strings Annual Open House. It was a real treat.The Daphnes at Dusty Strings

May 2018 be prosperous for you!  

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