Monica Schley Harpist

Monica Schley is a classically trained Seattle harpist who freelances in many styles: new music, chamber, improvisational, avant garde, jazz and rock. She has worked with Butch Morris, Evan Flory-Barnes, Jherek Bischoff, Masada, Jesse Sykes, Jim Knapp, Hey Marsailles and Kanye West. She is available for private engagements, weddings, recording, live performance, funerals and harp instruction.


Fri, Aug. 1
8:00PM - 10:00PM
Levin/Schley Harp Duo
CANCELLED - Due to unforseen events, this venue is not available to us to play the show. 
HD67 Space
6701 Greenwood Ave N. Seattle, WA
Fri, Aug. 8
Private Event
Bernardo wedding
@ Treehouse Point
Issaquah, WA
Sat, Oct. 4
Private Event
Saulnier Wedding
@ Arctic Club
Seattle, WA
Sat, Oct. 4
7:00PM - 11:00PM
Prime Salon
I am curating a Salon Style event with some of my favorite past collaboraters and friends, honoring my 13th year in Seattle. 
Gallery 1412
Seattle (Capitol Hill)

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June 8th
Julie Baldridge and I recorded a handful of song last spring on my birthday this year. She’s a violinist friend I’ve been playing with for a decade, but she recently moved to San Francisco. We hadn’t played together for quite a while, bu…
May 28th
What have I been doing this past month? A month in the life of this mama musician looks something like this: Wednesday - Bought a violin bow. It was a hot day. Zephyr didn’t want to go to the music store, but then I couldn’t get her to leave. …
April 15th
What’s going on Tuesdays? Next month, May 20th, my long time friend and collaborator, Julie Baldridge, and I are playing violin and harp duets. This is a Private Concert at a Women Only Spa, The Hothouse. Live music soundtrack to a relaxing soak! …
March 10th
Inspired by the recent host of the AWP in Seattle, I’m revisiting some poems. These two poems were published last summer in RASP Anthology A Blessing (Sunflower) May you continue to give graces And bloom again next year. The bride will want to see y…