Monica Schley Harpist

Monica Schley is a classically trained Seattle harpist who freelances in many styles: new music, chamber, improvisational, avant garde, jazz and rock. She has worked with Butch Morris, Evan Flory-Barnes, Jherek Bischoff, Masada, Jesse Sykes, Jim Knapp, Hey Marsailles and Kanye West. She is available for private engagements, weddings, recording, live performance, funerals and harp instruction.


Sat, Jul. 18
Private Event
Whitson wedding
@Virginia V Steamboat
Seattle, WA
Sat, Aug. 15
Private Event
McGrew Wedding
@ Alderbrook Resort
Hood Canal, WA
Sat, Sep. 12
2:00PM - 3:00PM
The Daphnes at Beacon Arts
My band The Daphnes (Julie Baldridge; violin and Nate Omdal; bass)  will play at Beacon Hill Arts Festival
Seattle, WA (Beacon Hill)

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July 3rd
Admittedly, I’m not the greatest at capturing the moment while out gigging. I could do better at photo cataloguing, because I always feel like I’m so lucky to play the most interesting variety of shows, performances, and private concerts! But,…
May 22nd
Three years in the making, and I am now officially a Certified Therapeutic Musician! Therapeutic music is live music played at the bedside, where the musician responds to immediate needs of the patient. Vibrations of harp stings applied therapeutically ca…
April 3rd
It’s here! April is the month of spring, and as the poet e.e. cummings wrote, “the season dreams dare to do people, and not the other way around.” Please follow me on my Facebook page for my daily poetry quips this month of April, aka Na…
March 25th
For four years, I’ve been saying this - “I’m working quietly behind the scenes.” This was code for: 1) steadily increasing work and 2) hashing out a business plan. However, because it was behind the scenes work, I couldn’t t…
February 11th
DISCLAIMER: I am writing this post to spell out the logic of my negative thought patterns and debunk them. Every musician has heard it. “Don’t quit your day job.” Yeah? What was that? I just did. Let me say that again: I QUIT. MY DAY JO…