“In the Shadows (of Enchantment)” on Ball of Wax Quarterly

Julie Baldridge and I recorded a handful of song last spring on my birthday this year. She’s a violinist friend I’ve been playing with for a decade, but she recently moved to San Francisco. We hadn’t played together for quite a while, but all in a short span of time, she was in town, we made plans to play, and on that day I said, “Hey, would you like to record this?”

Most of what we came up with was improvised, like this song – “For Elsie”

We also recorded a song I had previously written, “In the Shadows (of Enchantment)”. I was so pleased. Julie followed the harp so well, but of course she would – just moments before I pressed record she said to me, “half of music is listening.”

You can now hear “In the Shadows (of Enchantment)” on┬áBall of Wax Quarterly. It appears on BoW 36 and it also got a little review here.

I’m also playing on July 19 for the Ball of Wax Children’s Concert at Fremont Abbey at noon. It should be a hoot.

The Enchantments

The Enchantments

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